Training in Japan

Training in Ibaraki Shibu Dojo (Iwama Dojo)

It is now possible for Aikido students to stay in the Ibaraki Shibu Dojo and train as uchi deshi. The atmosphere of training in O-Sensei’s dojo is truly a great experience. Many of the instructors have trained extensively under the direct guidance of Ueshiba O-Sensei. See the information below, and go to the Ibaraki Shibu Dojo website for further instructions about staying and training at the dojo.


Ibaraki Branch Dojo
Address: 27-1 Yoshioka, Kasama-Shi, Ibaraki, 319-0203 Japan

Practice Schedule
Monday-Saturday 19:00-20:00
Sunday 10:00-11:00
No practice on Japanese national holidays

Registration Fee for Aikikai Foundation 8,400 yen
(Not required for Aikikai members)
Monthly Fee (adults) 5,000 yen/month
Visitor Practice Fee 500 yen/day
(for 1-10 days)
5,000 yen/month
(for more than 10 days in a month)
Accommodation Fee,bedding and utilities
(meals not included) 1,000 yen/day

Contact Information
Hiroshi Isoyama Shihan, phone: 0299-45-6637
Shigemi Inagaki Shihan, phone: 0299-45-0107

Hiroshi Isoyama Shihan, 8th dan
Shigemi Inagaki Shihan, 8th dan
Yoshifumi Watahiki Sensei, 7th dan
Yukimasa Owada Sensei, 6th dan
Toshihiro Isoyama Sensei, 6th dan
Yoshimichi Nagashima Sensei, 5th dan
Kenji Hirasawa Sensei, 5th dan
Hidehiro Akimoto Sensei, 5th dan
Toshiaki Kawakami Sensei, 5th dan